Carcass handling trays


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Can anyone out there point me in the right direction for larder trays.
For transporting deer carasses in back of pick-up (has a top on) from stalking ground to (larder) home.
Needs to take muntjac to red,so one size fits all. Must be heavy duty, same or similar to what FE use. Mine have had it so must be re-placed.
Any help would be appreciated, a.s.a.p please.



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Larder trays

Thanks Baldrick

Thats £30 odd cheaper than Stalkers UK have on offer, will make the call


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Hi Max
We use white plasterers mixing baths from travis perkins, they are about 4ft long(approx) and quite strong, it has a good lip around the top edge to use as a handle, makes it a lot easier to load a carcass into a pickup. Mine has had a red Stag and a 264lb Wild Boar in it (not at the same time) the boar would have been a struggle to load without the box.
From memory I think the last one was about £26



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A big thank you to all of you for your time and trouble, if I cant find a tray
from your information I better give up stalking.!!!!!
It is good to be in the company of so many like minded and helpfull people, I found this site by chance looking for the damn trays.

Offroad Gary

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my tray has just been hijacked by the mrs for a rescued duckling to live in!

thats the barbeque grill too!

Offroad Gary

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i'm starting to hate that duck!

it stole my carcass tray.
it ***** everywhere.
it swims and ***** in my paint roller tray.
its noisy.
it gets more attention than me.

i think it might make a good fox decoy or a good target for some varmint grenade practice! :evil:


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some one once told me use a bread tray (the ones they deliver bread to the shops in) as a rack inside your tray but i cant remember what you use for the tray.anyone know what they use??
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