Carlton Moor Range


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I am off to Germany later in the week to hopefully christen my 308.

I needed to get a quality scope that I can use for the driven day as well as for deer stalking in the UK.

As luck would have it Mike from Carlton Moor Range had the Zeiss Duralyt 2-8x42 illuminated in stock as he is a Zeiss dealer.

Calton Moor Range

Arrived at the range to re zero my 270 for some heavier bullets for use in Germany, also to mount and zero my new Zeiss.

After a few problems taking the old mounts off the rifle, my 308 is now zeroed ready to hopefully christen it on a boar. Cheers Mike :tiphat:

If you get the chance to go to Carlton Moor Range I would definitely recommend it.



The Seeker

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+1 for that it's a great set up, i recently set my 6.5 x55 up there and they couldn't have been more helpful, just wish they were 30 mile closer :D

Crow Man

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I bought a Zeiss Victory 6-24x56 off Mike a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately he didn't have any optilocks in stock high enough to mount the scope on the rifle so I didn't get a chance to use the range. Nice guy to deal with and a superb setup will have to get down and try the range out one day.



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It was good to meet you and Duncan last night. The two of you seemed to have just about every calibre from .17 HMR to .308 - a very impressive collection.

Best of luck in Germany.




Like others have said, Calton Moor is the business for load development, zeroing etc. Excellent facilities and supremely knowledgable staff.

old man

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Also a :lol: brilliant set up to check zero before heading to the hills with Mike to chase the Reds.

Good luck in Germany, Ross.



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Glad you got yourself sorted Ross
Mike has a darn fine setup there with plenty of free help and advice
Will now look forward you your next Germany trip report
Good hunting mate

Mark 1

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Mike is a sound fella and we have always recomended customers onto him, great set up top bloke.

paul k

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I can endorse all this about Mike, I went there to zero a new scope and Mike spent a lot of time sorting what was not a very good mounting job out and getting the rifle zeroed. I can't recommend him and the Carlton Moor set up highly enough.