Carnivore Torch

Sam D

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I've just seen an advert on this site for a carnivore torch. What the hell is a carnivore torch? Has anyone used one? Are they any good?
Canivore torch

The carnivore torch is designed to show up blood tracks better at night through using diffrent colour LED lights.My first experience with it resulted in wishing it was brighter & it did show up some foiage as it would blood.
I shall try it a few more times,to give a fair chance. I think it will end up in a bottom of a drawer with other junk in the end. I shall let you know the results of the next few occasions use.


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Ditch the torch and get yourself a good dog. Lasts longer than batteries, more reliable, and good company.

Never heard very much about these torches, they always seem to be advertised in various magazines, but I have to admit I never hear anyone say how good they are, or bloody hell you have got to get one of these!! I think they may be over rated, interesting to hear if anyone has used one succesfully.


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Much depends on the bloodline, the temperment of the dog must be laid back has the pup come from a good working back ground? I have never trained a Lab yet, but you should start with allowing the dog to play with deer legs, get the pup used to the smell of deer as soon as you can.

Train the dog only on deer, what you must not do is allow the dog to think it can hunt anything it likes, if its for bloodspooring deer, then train it for that and nothing else.

My dog is a Bavarian; this breed is only used for tracking and bloodspooring wounded deer, I have learnt a great deal from two very good books which I can recomend to you.

Working with dogs for deer by Niels Sondergaard. Available from the BDS

The specialist Gundog by Guy Wallace also from the BDS

My Bavarian is now 20 months old, and is still learning, they really dont come into their own until they are 3 years old, however he has found 3 deer up till now. His big test will come in about 3 weeks time when he will be in Scotland for 2 weeks on Sika and possibly some Red hinds on my 8000 acre lease. This should light his fire hopefully, cant wait to see how he performs.

Good luck with the training, let me know how you get on.


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she from very top lines alittle headstrong but very keen she has aready found her first deer she beat me into the larder and stole a fore leg but that sounds like top advice many thanks will keep all interested posted stone


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I've seen one in use once to be fair the blood did show up a bit, but the problem we had was that the little red-purple flowers on the heather/gorse(or what ever plant it was) showed up brighter we ended up using a white light.