Carrying rifle in Vorn Rucksacks


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I recently got a Vorn rucksack, and love it so far. I do a lot more looking than shooting (counting deer, checking tracks etc) as I'm out several times a week, but don't have enough deer that I can shoot everything I see! So I don't mind the rifle being slightly less accessible.

For those who also use these rucksacks, how do you carry the rifle - loaded, safety on, or empty chamber? I opt for the latter - then when I get to a highseat or ambush spot, I just load up. But what do others do? Any concerns with the safety being released as you whip the rifle out?


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No personal experience but would guess this depends entirely on the rifle. A Sauer, Merkel helix, Blaser or sako for example I would say was damn near impossible to engage accidentally, whereas something with a flag type safety may be easier to dislodge