Cars and Storage of firearms.


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Evening all, pretty rubbish title, but I need to pick all your brains once again.
The situation is thus; The Uni clay team and I have been invited to a competition in Edinburgh by the University for a friendly comp. As the only SGC holder in the squad I have agreed to both drive and provide my gun for the event. I feel it is better to be safe than sorry, and as this is likely to be a fairly regular occurrence I have fitted a cabinet into the boot of my car to safely store the gun for the duration. The gun will also have to remain in the car overnight. Now here is the rub, after the comp the University of Edinburgh have arranged a fancy dinner for us. A suitable hostel has been arranged so that I will not have to drive in the evening, so in theory I will be able to drink. Where do I stand on this issue? Would you be inclined to stay teetotal and play things safe, or would you take the view that as reasonable precautions have been taken, the situation is no different to the gun being in the cabinet at home and that I should enjoy myself?


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Can you not make use of the 72 hour loan and arrange for your gun(s) to be stored along with the Edinburgh teams guns.

I would speak to their captain, as I am sure that for the price of a pint or two they would be happy to help you out with a nights secure storage.


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might be a good idea actually, I will ask. Might as well keep the cabinet now anyway, one less thing to worry about


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It is not quite the same as in cabinet at home as car could be nicked a bit easier.

Will be plenty of other threads on similar, i'd take the fore end (or even stock/forend or barrells/forend) and hide it in ur luggage in hostel room and leave gun in car/cabinet. Throw a jacket rug over cabinet, but i assume its out of sight anyway.
That way if the worst happens to ur car when they eventually get ur cabinet open do not have a fully functioning gun.
Even without the cabinet u would/should be ok doing the above and it will happen very often with shotguns and rifle when folk are travelling to shoot/stalk

Ps Jist mind there a new lower drink drive limit in scotland now for the next day ;) Edinburgh is a quality city for going on a bender so leave plenty of time for the next day

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I would leave the barrels and forend locked in the car. Overnight bag with the action would come into my place of accommodation. I could the argue I had taken all reasonable precautions and if the car was stolen then no chance of the barrels being a weapon.


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I always give it an hour per drink the next day before getting in my motor
Close but no cigar, General rule in forensics is an hour per unit one hour after your last sip, a pint is "2" units ish a standard measure of 25ml (or 50ml for port etc) of spirit is one unit. Not trying to be cocky just trying to keep you and others safe :)

another note on the drink driving, maplins halfords etc sell single use breath testers fairly cheap 5-10 for 2 so if in doubt test yourself, also note most of Europe has a 50mg/100ml (and now Scotland) limit where the rest of the U.K. is 80mg/100ml. so if you buy one calibrated for there and pass you are more likely to be under the limit on the police issue (generally more accurate than commercial due to method of measuring)