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Hi, what's the best way to clean the case lube off a case after it's been re sized and primed
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I was shown to complete the case preparation and cleaning before I prime them.

In your case it may depend on the type of lube you have used. What does the manufacturer recommend?

Nothing will remove silicone.

A damp soapy cloth will remove Lee lube from the exterior.



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Don't prime them and chuck into a tumbler with plain media for a few hours. Knock out the media from the primer flash holes and job done.
I use a Lee trimmer rig to do the flash hole at the same time as trim and check.
You can wash the case lube off for most brands but then you've got to dry them.

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Thanks guys for the replys, at the moment I chuck the re sized unprimed cases back in the tumbler for 30 min but I've just purchased a turret press and want to make use of the primeing tool on it
How do people clean them on full progressive presses