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how tight should the bullet be in the brass before seating,i've resize the new case but the bullet will not sit in the brass.?


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If I understand you correctly, that's right.

My bullets won't go in, they wobble about on top and I have to hold them in place as they disappear up the bullet seating die.


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That's OK. If it bothers you you can have friend with a lathe make you a slightly larger expander plug. It is far better to have it a bit tight than a bit loose! ~Muir

PS: For what it's worth, I often use a Lee Universal Case Expander die to put a slight bell in my case mouths. It aids in bullet seating accuracy and you can get away with not even removing the "bell" if you are careful about how much of a flare you put in the case mouth to begin with. Just a thought...


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many thanks ,best to ask im new to this reloading in fact its my first time so all the help i can get. :)


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I have just looked at some of the heads I have fitted.

They are soft points and I have noticed that where they rely on sliding up the inside of the die to straighten them they, have developed a small 'flat spot' on the side of the lead tip.

Does anyone know how this will affect stability in flight? if at all?


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bullet deformation

the small amount of deformation to the head makes very little difference. it is a far worse problem if the base is deformed.

I always chamfer the inside of the neck quite well with my ace rcbs chamfer tool. this does help. The neck tension does need to be tight to hold the bullet in when the round is in the magazine and another is fired. if the bigger chamfer doesn't help maybe a boat tail bullet would be worth a try.

after you have fired the round you should be able to push a bullet into the neck of the fired round manually. if not then the neck might want turning or reaming. this is more of a problem in down sized cases (.308 down to 7mm08 eg).



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If you want to expand the necks so that you can seat a flat based bullet, you can use a Lyman 'M' die see:

It's like the expander on a pistol die set, except that it produces a 'step' which is slightly wider than the bullet diameter. Push it in a bit deeper and you get get a chamfer, suitable for cast bullets (so that you don't shave lead). The step gives you a ledge for starting bullets straighter.

Available from Tim Hannam, appears to be listed as 'AA' expander.

FWIW, IMHO the M die is about the only die that they make that's worth having, other sizing dies I've had from them were rough (I only have the M dies left).

If anyone fancies trying one, I've got them in 264, 243, 308 and 311 - I don't use them very often as I tend to use boat tailed bullets and hand seating dies, so I don't need them...
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