Case Trimmer


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I need to get a Case Trimmer, I quite like the look of the Wilson, are they any good? What do you guys use/suggest?


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Wilson's are very well made and incredibly limited in function compared to others. If you load more than one caliber you will be buying an expensive case holder for each if they are not based on the same parent cartridge. (270 and 30-06 for example, are the same case holder) I have a Wilson and it gathers dust. On the other hand, I have a Forster and use the most. You can get a number of attachments for it for neck turning, neck reaming, and the like, and uses 3 collets for 99% of all cartridge cases. You just need a caliber-specific pilot. If I'm not using my Forster, I'm using the Lees.

Why the Wilson other than the looks??~Muir


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I have both the RCBS and the Forster. Both have adaptors that can trim and deburr inside & out in one move. Costs are similar. I prefer the Forster 3-in-1 as it cannot go wrong. (I've had problems with the RCBS though their 3-in-1 is more flexible it introduces a problem). With extra accessories, the Forster can also be used for a variety of other tasks such as neck turning, removing military crimps, cleaning the primer pockets and so on. If I was to start again, I would just buy the Forster. They are available directly from Hannams Reloading (the importer) but you might get a better deal from you local RFD as Hannam will charge the full RRP.



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I use the Lee for my .223, quick, easy and accurate, unfortunately they don't make the case length gauge for the 6.5x47 hence the need and expense of a case trimmer for one calibre. So the budget is tight.


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Like MUIR and JMS906 say...get a is what you'll end up with once you've tried the others. I've had one since the 1980s, bought at Bisley when Otto Weber from the USA used to bring them in for the annual Pistol AD event.

Gillie Howe at Modern & Antique Firearms in Bournemouth also has bits and pieces for them and I have, somewhere, some surplus .224" pilots that I bought and never used.

I've had an RCBS and that got replaced by the Forster. I've also seen and used the Lyman and do admit that I like it BUT it doesn't have the ability unlike the Forster to take the extra inside and outside reamers and etc., etc..


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I have a Wilson trimmer & like it for a couple of reasons.
I don't need the bells & whistles that the Forster can carry, just want to trim cases square, accurately, quickly & easily. (I deburr/chamfer by hand & don't want to start neck turning or reaming).
The Wilson doesn't use pilots - it doesn't need them as the case is very well supported up close to the cutter.
IMHO pilots impede chip formation & swarf clearance from the cutting area.
I've used Lee trimmers a lot & the pilot rod seems to slow operation down (aligning the pin in the flash hole).
Wilson is very fast in use - not fiddly to load & unload (can do it blindfold - not that I do).
I don't like chucks that grip the extraction groove - I've had some difficulty with my Lee Zip Trim universal chuck.
I do 223, 243, 308 & 30-06 so just need 3 case holders. (about £12 each)
I've not used a Forster so won't knock it - I have tried the RCBS, Redding & Lyman & they are all too fiddly for fast ergonomic operation.

If you can, actually operate the different types - you'll soon know which is best for you. --- As I said I like my Wilson.