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help and advice needed????

i am thinking of buying a case cleaner/tumler but have heard some contridicting infomation about how to use, here are my questions if someone out there can answer them it would be a great help.

1/ do empty cases get sized and de-primed before put in tumbler.
2/ best media for tumbler
3/ do you add anything to media to assist cleaning
4/ do you have to do anything to cases after being tumbled/before reloading.
5/ anything else i might need to know or will help me

i would be greatfull for any advice ......neil


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Hi Griffshrek,
I have had a lyman tumbler fo years and i have mixed emotions about it,

Firstly you don't have to deprime cases before tumbling but most people do, if you don't de prime then you obviously you will need to clean the primer pocket after tumbling.
if you do decide to deprime you will be running a dirty case inside your resizing die (you can buy a universal decapping die if this bothers you).
i have only ever tried crushed walnut media because i bought a massive bag when i had the tumbler.
After tumbling you will still have to clean the primer pocket and probably have to poke a bit of media out of the flash hole, depending if you have resized before tumbling you might still have to wipe every case to remove lubricant. My tumbler is now sat in the loft, i don't use it mutch now it was great on straight walled pistol cases but i decided it's not worth the bother on bottle neck cases. i'm now looking at maybe getting an ultrasonic cleaner after getting soe great advice on this forum. if you look for a post from me entitled 'cleaning cases' this might help you.
At the moment i wipe around the case neck while inspecting the case then i lube them then resize, clean the pockets and trim if needed.another wipe to remove any lube then i can reprime and away to go. as long as you are generating enough presure to get corect obtiration (i think thats the word) your cases shouldn't be that dirty. i'm sure everybody does it differently but this works for me, i hope it helps.


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Hi Griffshrek, I've had a Cheapie tumbler for three years now which cleans as well as my mates Lyman.
I use wallnut shell on its own and have good clean cases. Previously I used 00 grade wire wool but that took too long to do 50 cases at a time.
I De-cap first as I feel that carbon deposit is less abrasive than wallnut shell dust.
I just check that no wallnut shell is lodged in the primer pocket or flash hole, but that is all.


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thanks for the replies guy's ,i will be buying tumbler/vibrator soon i will let you know how i get on...neil
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