Cases needed for .22 JET rifle

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has any one got any .22 jet cases or bullets that are not required. I no there is not many around so just hoping that someone may have even a few they can part with. :)


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I might know of a few but i have kinda lost touch with the chap who has them. i will try and track him down (he's got a flintlock pistol of mine so i need to any way)
Can you form your own brass from .357magnum cases? i know this was the parent case. If so PM me i've got a shed load (thousands) of .357+38spl cases free to a good home.



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Hi Ezzy
Thanks for the reply unable to form own cases I am realy looking for the case ready to be loaded or even a few rounds. I dont use the rifle that much but would just like to get my hands on sum spare rounds before they become to rare. have been told that they are available in the us but will tey here first if you do bump into the chap that had a few that would be great. Thanks again keep in touch.
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