Cat D salvage


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Wonder if anyone can offer advice?

My truck (Shogun 3.2) was hit in the side a few weeks ago by a car that rolled into it after the handbrake failed. Only damage was to the front passenger door, and the inner sill was buckled slightly. I bought the vehicle back as a Cat D salvage, with the intention of replacing the door. The truck was finally returned to me last Thursday, but with front end damage that didn't exist when it was picked up for assessment. The battery was also discharged to the point of being unserviceable. The insurance have agreed to pay an additional £500 for e damage to the bumper and a replacement battery.

I got the truck back started yesterday, but only this morning got the chance to test drive it. The autobox now won't shift up above third, and the steering geometry has obviously shifted, rendering the vehicle practically undriveable. It was a peach when it was picked up. Obviously I'm seriously unimpressed, but can anyone offer advice as to how I address this with the insurance company? They've already admitted liability for the extra damage to my vehicle.


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It sounds like it was assessed incorrectly and that it was much more badly damaged than at first it would appear. Proving this may be difficult or at least incur significant additional expense for you I fear, especially as you have already made a settlement with the insurance company. I suppose it very much depends on the terms of your settlement and any disclaimers you may have signed.
You don't belong to the AA or RAC by any chance because if you do it may be worth contacting them for advice.

A long time ago I negotiated the buy back of a car that had been damaged beyond economic repair. It was a chance that I took based on advise from a neighbour who was a panel beater and who carried out the repairs for me. It paid off in my case and the money I saved paid for a holiday to the U.S.A. but perhaps I was just lucky on that occasion.


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It might have been assessed correctly, and then damaged further by some idiot in the salvage yard. I just don't know :-|

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I wouldn't buy it back if it has left your posetion. It has probably been moved around with a forklift.
i bought back one of our land rovers last year after it had been rolled, I converted it to a tipper, it has been fine. However I picked it up from the recovery yard the next day and held on to it while all the insurance claim was processed. No way I'd trust the scrap boys with it.


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My present pick up is a cat D and i would buy another as long as u get them cheap enough.
Think it depends on the damage etc (but i'm buying strangers motors) and u just got to asses it and figure out worst case how much it would cost to fix.

U'll be in a slightly different position as u know the motor, think u have just been very unlucky.
I'm no mechanic but steering could just be something as simple as ur track rod ends needing adjusted of something or possibly replaced if they've bent something, which will be a cheap fix.
Autobox sounds a bit more worrying, have a look below the motor does it hang much lower down? Couyld they have bent something if they have shunted it about with forks?

When u see the adverts online for them it usually describes the damage but very strongly advises u to look at them and assess damage urself. Umight be lucky so check the fine print but i think u might struggle to get much back from them, actually surprised they shelled out for the bumper


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I bought the vehicle back on the strength that it was in the same condition as when they got it. It's bag of nails now, thanks to some half-assed cretin who couldn't be arsed taking a modicum of care to a vehicle that was there to be assessed. At the very least, I'll looking for the salvage value to be repaid and they can just take it back. I cant trust it now, and it's not my responsibility to be shelling out for repairs just to get it driveable. God only knows what else they've f*cked up on it