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Hi all,

My neighbours moggie is really ****ing me off. No more birds, cat poo among the plants and now it has taken to sleeping on my car.
​Any suggestions on legal and sensible deterrents will be much appreciated.


paul o'

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wire trace full of trebls catch the killing ,eating, sleeping, crapping machine and give it back to them over the fence :eek: say it went in your shed and got in your fishing gear :stir:

ps forgot to add the cat crap i find gets picked up and flug over the fence back to the owner nowt worse than cat crap in ya toe's when you don't even own a stincking cat!!
failing that 12v latice wire web works ,or carpet gripper on top of the fence
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Flick the poo elsewhere (ideally in the same place each time), it foxes them as they like to poo in the same place. Squirt them with water whenever you see them. Put down pepper. Not much else you can do really. All these things have worked for me but you have to do all of them...


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Aluminum ammonium sulphate. (resist). It's common name.
Good for rabbits, foxes, moles, canada geese and elephants

It is said to repel felines as well apparently


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a humaine cat trap bait with kitty kat (get them every time!) while your waiting for moggy to visit said trap go to local farmer for some cow ***** , mix in a big bucket with water making slurry . catch cat poor over the slurry and let cat go . works every time guarenteed to clear the fence by atleast 6ft and never come back ! :rofl:

not that i would know!:-|


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I've been told that they don't like orange peel or anything that smells orangey.

Used some cheap anti-cat stuff from Aldi(granulated stuff) that worked quite well and after them my legal suggestions are exhausted


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Speaking as the deeply embarrassed owner of 4 cats (they sh*t in the neighbours gardens, and we feel very bad about it), I will say several things:

1. Please don't anything actively cruel.
2. Coffee grounds seem to work to some extent.
3. A hyperactive dog definitely works.
4. A small patch of gravel or sand in a hidden corner will draw them to that spot. It's not ideal (they're still sh*tting in your garden), but it contains it. You can even negotiate with the owner for them to come clean it regularly.


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Get yourself a patterdale. They love playing with cats too.

​Lee 6.5's suggestion should work, also you can pee on them while they are in the trap. They hate that.


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+1, they do love them dont they....bless

in edit does my gwp :)

and you can claim a GWP is an eco friendly natural solution to the problem. Mine enjoys cats as well, has lead to much embarrassment in her youth on a sunday morning at 8am at the last house pursuing one through 3 gardens and getting it up a tree and barking at said cat. Having to knock on the door to retrieve the dog wasn't my finest hour. We also had a local cat that I used to watch hide under bushes and attack dogs as they were walked past, well tried it with mine in the dark one night and it was only because I was quick that I managed to stop her finishing that as she had it round the middle.

Other options are a fox trap followed by a bucket of water, they rarely come back after that but you do need to be subtle

Fursty Ferret

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There are several cat deterrent products on the market from scented granules and crytals to pir activated ultrasonic devices. Allthough the latter will drive your dog mad if you have one!
If you dont want to spend any money, blasting them with water from a hose a couple of times will send them a message but its not allways easy to catch them in the act.
Fox or ferret turds can deter them but thats kind of defeating the object!


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I was once advised by a vet to feed them a small dose of asprin in cat food but the technos on here can tell me the end effect.


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I was once advised by a vet to feed them a small dose of asprin in cat food but the technos on here can tell me the end effect.
I think aspirin taken for 3 days will cause the cat serious damage. Some people have tried anti freeze, which they seem to like, it's not good for them either and both ideas are not recommended .


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I think the word you are looking for is poison...I do recall a spate of cat poisonings/deaths using this being reported in the press


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A neighbor shot and injured my daughters cat with an airgun , his precious racing pigeons diminished quite quickly there after , funny that.