Cattton Park Rifle shoots


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Hi all just a quick report on the last shoot. Very wet and cold start to the day that must of put a few off but the day became bright and sunny with a good breeze to keep it interesting. The shoot was held at our new shooting area at Garlands shooting ground Edingale just down the road from our Catton shoot.
For the few that braved the weather the new set up seems to offer a good oppertunity to zero and practise at various distance with a few different areas to keep it interesting.
We have been given the chance to use this area on a monthly basis so we can now shoot all year this will not effect the shoots at Catton as they give us the chance to shoot at greater distance.
Shoot at Garlands will be as follows
250 - 200 and 100 yard target boards with normal paper targets.
Animal image targets set out around the area 250 down to 50 yard for shot placement.
Highseat with animal image targets great practise. 100 yards and lower
woodland walk shoot longer than the one at Catton takes over an hour to complete.
Airgun range various knockdown targets 20+

shoots will run on the last Sunday of every month from January 2012 at Garlands and Catton shoots will run around these through the summer months.
£20 per person no limits on shots or time.
If your interested please give us a call or pm and I will get back as soon as I can.

Please note the shoots at Garlands are run by myself and helpers of Catton rifle sport and we are using the facilitys at Garlands