Caught up with an old friend

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I decided this weekend I would take myself off to Sussex to my little piece of Roe stalking that I keep for myself, and where I occassionaly take my friends.

Once I was finished on this area I tavelled down to another area I have in Dorset, and so I decided to get up at 3.20am on Saturday, and make my way to Sussex first. It was already light by the time I had reached the farm, but I was not in any particular hurry. As soon as I stopped the truck I noticed two Roe Does standing no more than 80yds from the truck in small field next to some farm buildings. So the omens looked good, but this is June and not to my mind the greatest of times to find bucks as easily as one would like.

By 7.30am I had counted 7 does, some with fawns at foot in only 4 fields out of the whole farm I had looked over or sat in a high seat waiting to see what might come along. No matter I thought, so I made my way back up to the Farm. I decided to take another look at the back of a small wood I call Tennis Court Wood. And as luck would have it spotted a buck some way off browsing along the opposite wood edge. The wind was NW and only slight, but not good for an approach. On nearing the buck and at about 200 yds I could see through the bino's he was a particular buck I had seen last year, and wanted him gone, but did not catch up with him, i was hoping that this old friend would show again, and if lucky I might be able to get onto him.

The buck walked back into the wood, and dissapeared through the dense wall of verdent green undergrowth. Now what to do ............. near by is a high seat, so I decided to climb into it and wait, although it is a seat not designed for taking animals from the opposite wood edge, its just a bit rangy for a deer as small as a Roe. But not a ridiculous range, it is about 200plus yds.

As luck would have it after about 5 minutes the old boy appeared again, he really was enjoying munching on the fresh green shoots of the brambles. At first I could only see the two white tips of his antlers, but as he stepped more into view I could see head, neck and the greater part of his body. On turning broadside I put a 270 calibre 130g speer bullet through him and he dropped to the shot, and although for a brief moment through the scope I could see the surrounding vegetation move slightly, I knew the bullet had found the mark.

His head is poor, nice pearling, but a true cull buck. It made the morning, and for once I had the camera with me and took some piccies.

I had dragged him out of the edge of the wood and across a wide ditch that skirts the woodland edge to gralloch him and take some Photos, but the view is across the highseat, which ia against the tree in the middle of the picture.

This was the only Buck I saw, over two outings, but plenty of Doe's about with fawns.



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Well done Sikamalc.
Lovely pics and with a .270 as well!
One of the reasons I chose to go for a .270 was the fact that if a chap with your experience used one then I shouldn't go far wrong with one.
What has surprised me though is how many people dislike the calibre.
Kindest Regards,


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Well Gyr it seems to be over the last 2 or 3 years to me that the 270 has had a hard time. It appears that a lot of folk coming into stalking are taking on the continental calibres more, instead of 270, 308 etc.

True a 270 can be a bit of an animal, and it is more of a kick than a push that a 308 gives. But it is a calibre that like many others will take all the British species and many abroad without a problem. Its been around a long time and has taken a great deal of game worldwide. It is a round I love, along with the 25.06. and the recoil has never bothered me, and my last 270 which I sold last year was not moderated.

Hey my new one in the photo is a Tikka as well :lol: :lol: with a moderator on any round is tamed down and it is the case with the 270 making it a joy to shoot, and keeping the surrounding area quiet.

Each to his own I guess, but they are the calibres I have used for a good many years, and they have never let me down, by the way this is the first Roe I have taken with the rifle. Bought it last year in Scotland, the scope is the old Leoupold 3x9x40 off my old Tikka, been around over 15 years and still working perfectly.


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Not far from where I took that Buck last year Malcolm. But as I remember it the oats were very high and we had to tip toe past a fawn and Doe in the middle of that field. Happy Days! :D


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Nice one malc, both ladystalker and myself have overdue engagements with old friends from last season, both have been seen this season just not got to grips with them yet.

l like the look of your 270 not ever done much with that calibre, l started with a 308 and still have one today, l have found l have been using it much more of late, the last 5 deer have all been taken with it.


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Nice story Malc, but you want to be carefull putting that rifle on the floor you might never find it again :lol:



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Well done you lucky bugger, or at least you should be :D :D , did you have Todd with you? not much for him to though by the look of things.

When I see countryside like that I do get a bit homesick and could quite fancy coming home again, then I look out the window and normal service is resumed. Mind you I would quite like a bit of stalking on an arable farm, the only roe I get are those that re lost. Never mind Sika stags next month, a tasty wee staggie is not too far off hopefully.



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Yes Andy it was from the seat I sat you in :D next time mate we will have one for you.

Hi JAYB no I didnt take Todd (the Sodd) with me as I was going onto Dorset and there is no wheres to keep him, but he will be spending the whole season inScotland this year, which I am sure he will enjoy as much as last year. :D

Thank you Wayne............ you know I like a bit of cammo, even on me rifle :lol: its easier to find than a black rifle at night if your Boar shooting :lol:


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Nice old buck you got there my friend :D Hmm that veiw looks very familiar.......... Is that Andy (Tikka308) i can see sitting in that high seat.............. :eek: :D O no i think it was a bit wetter that morning :D :D
Well done mate :D
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