cautionary note.


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Today i was giving my cz semi auto it's birthday treat. I had a look in the trigger mechanism assembly. it was filthy. I didn't fancy taking it all to pieces to clean.... i was doing a bit of reloading aswell seo i put the whole lot in the ultra sonic cleaner.

it made it lovely and clean. and it removed all of the blacking. so it now is bare metal, shiny and exposed.

It's going to rust like crazy.

stupid swampy :(


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ohhh dear :eek:
thats a classic me thing that is, but hey, thats just how we role eh?


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Tip I got from Russel Gall who builds quality rifles and is a top bench rest shot.

Generally don't dissamble trigger mechanism just buy a tin of cigarrate lighter fuel remove bolt put rifle unto a rest and squirt fluid into the mechanism. Fluid flows through washing out dirt and grease and leaves enough oil (apparently residual amount contained in fluid) to lubricate the mechanism. Works for me and a tin lasts a very long time as you don't need to use it often. Had mine 2 years and used less than 1/4 tin on 6 rifles. Hasn't harmed plastic or wooden stocks yet.

You do need to place an old cloth or kitchen roll etc. underneath the trigger guard to catch the crap and waste lighter fluid - good for lighting the fire with afterwards!

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