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just read an article in local paper about deer warden called out to a RTC invoving a deer. He dispatched the deer in the middle of the night when he was called out by the local police, they said to him quote in paper ' we can smell alcohol' they breatherlised him and he failed. quote in paper'he had been out for a cheese and wine evening and felt fine when he went to bed'. 12 month ban £200 fine.
Double edged sword this one, you go out to help and you loose your license.
goes to show you have to be careful.
any idea wether he will loose his FAC???????????????


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Ask Swampy for definative, a drink drive is a criminal conviction, what I have done i the past when someone asked my advice, and bearing in mind this is advice not written in stone. That general rule of thumb as I was given to understand is if the certificate holder thinks it will be revoked after chatting with his local licensing dept, the smart thing is if gives up his certificate voluntarily for the duration of the ban then re-applies it will ussually be given, but and there always is a but these days I was told that sometimes a new application will not be considered for the length of a certificate.i.e 5 years these days.. but if it is revoked then it is fairly certain you will wait 5 years, it happened to me once following a very acrimonious break up of a relationship many years ago... not good.. as I said Swampy is your man on this one.


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This is a very iffy one, may depend on the individual or the circumstances.
I know a person well up in the Deer world, runs courses, gives lectures, writes papers on policy for Deer groups and is written about in books.
Yet he lost his license for twelve months for 'drink and drive' and it didn't affect him in any way at all.


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i am led to believe it is up the the FEO investigating the case to come to a reasonable conclusion on wether his ticket should be revoked and then head of his firearms department for licensing to give a final ruling
if your mate knows anyone with any influence this is the time for him to ask for his help, the FEO is not there to judge you just look at the facts and react sensibly on them,failing that when he speaks to the FEO he ought to talk about the option of surrendering his ticket as it will be easier to get back than if it was revoked, after the ban is up,
just goes to show just because you are asked to help you still need to abide by the law alcohol and firearms don't mix just a shame he learn't the hard way
any idea whose this warden was jonathon


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By being over the limit, you have demonstrated a lack of self control, and that is sufficient to lose you your ticket, incidentally one of the last guys to appeal against it lost, thereby setting the benchmark and running up a massive £40,000 legal bill


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drink driving and firearms certificates

Poddle is about right with this. If you get done for dring driving it is very likely you will loose your ticket. It does a little depend on circumstances and your previous record. If you don't lose it straight away, your renewel will be dificult.

As for the guy that got called by the police and was over the limit. That would be no defence unless he had been specifically directed to drive by the police at the roadside. a call out scheme is voluntary only, i have declined call outs because i have had a drink. On the call out courses i sometimes instruct on, it is a point we always make very strongly.

Though to be honest your FAC is only a small thing compared to your life or that of someone else.

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