CB Radio anyone?


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Does anyone on here use CB radio in there 4x4`s or even use PMR446 Walki Talkie`s very often ?

I have PMR446 Walki Talkie`s but am considering a CB rig for my Jimny !




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We have PMR's in use every time we split foxing grounds ... invaluable, particularly when Charlie gives you the bird ,but doesn't realise He's wading into another fire zone.:D

OH!, Forgot to mention, met Mrs Finnbear on the rig!:cool:


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i have been on the CB on and off since the early 90's but im afraid its almost had its day . i used to have on in my truck until it cooked and went out the window right quick in a ball of smoke ! :eek:

​just never got round to getting another


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Dragged up with a cobra148gtldx with a 50w burner a firestick. Used to cq on the side band and make my own aerials (bloomin heck they were quad aerials to!!)

Once the laws tightened over using 27meg and anyone using usb or lsb were to be hung upon conviction it was time to ditch it.

Miss going to Wales and cqing the USA when the weather was right.

Uncle Buck

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Remember them well Cobra,Ham,Midland and Lincoln to name but a few, spent
many an hour in my youth on these and also met the wife...memories eh!
Still quite a few in use among the young farmers (tractors, rural areas etc).


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started with a cobra 148, then a president scooper,

then took my ham licence,

job done,