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copied from CFUK at their request and I for one look forward to good relations being resumed. :D

by Beowulf on Mon Dec 08, 2008 1:50 pm

Can I please have the attention of all CFUK/SD members,

I have spoken this very morning to Sikamalc Admin/owner of the Stalking Directory. We had a lengthy talk about the continued problems between the two sites and we have come to the joint conclusion that ALL negative and derogatory remarks made by members of both sites need to stop. This includes pms, posts, phones calls and emails. We are achieving nothing with this protracted war of words and it needs to stop. Please respect this ceasefire and refrain from making any remarks that will spark off yet more arguing.

We are better than this gentlemen, let us agree to dis-agree and move on for the good of all concerned.

May I thank you all for your continued support and help in bringing this matter to an end.

May I also ask a SD member to cut and paste this post and send it to Sikamalc on the SD so that he is aware that we are doing all we can to bring this problem to a speedy conclusion.

Kindest Regards Steve.F


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Thank you Steve, I am heartened by the frank and open discussion we had this morning on the phone. It was and never has been the intention of any of the Admin off the SD site to cause an issue, but somethings needed to be aired, and our position known, and I am in total agreement that we now need to move on and I am grateful for your time on the phone this morning.

My offer to take you out stalking again stands, and I appreciate your personal good comments about myself and the SD site. Both JAYB and myself were sorry that you decided to leave the site some months back, and if you log on you will now find the name Beowulf re instated on the SD site.

The SD site will and does support all registered charities and looks forward to promoting the work of the March and Shoot and "Help for Hero's".

Thank you

JAYB and Sikamalc


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Nice to see some Christmas spirit in these hard times we all live in currently.
Pleased also it all appears to be history now.



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never been on c . f . uk or any other shooting site for that matter
but i will say when i joined this site beowulf was on here all the time
and i enjoyed his posts hope he decides to log on again .


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I have never been to the CF website either, I am however a member of a few other sites. Whatever the problems were, it is good to see them in the past. I have to say that I also remember some of Beowolfs threads and he would be a welcome return to a good site. :)

At the end of the day, we are all interested in the same things so lets try to support each other, whilst having some good discussions :D

The Mole

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Hooray! Common sense seems to be winning here - there's enough senseless tribalism in this country without adding to it.

And it would be good to see you back Beowulf/Steve.


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I must be dense, I didn't even know there was a problem. Anyway, good that it's resolved, life is too short.


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Very very pleased .. it was really sad to see people I regarded as good friends at each others throats.. :D

I have recently been keeping away for a couple of reasons, one was that it was getting me down seeing friends argue, but the other reason is far sadder.. one of my best friends brother was taken from us by illness who we cared for very dearly, we have been helping out my friend and not felt like doing much of anything..however it has made me realise life is to short for such disagreements.. hence my great delight to turn on the pooter and see that differences have been settled amicably.. my New Years wish is that we can all get together again and repeat the spirit of the Quex meeting again

Merry Christmas to you all from both me and Fran :D
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