Central Scotland Stalker & Foxer


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Hi folks just a few words about who I am . . I live in East Kilbride and, being from a family of shooters, I've been at the hunting and stalking game all my life and I'm now 58. I'm currently actively involved in roe stalking, foxing and the odd day at the boar and hill hares when the opportunity arises. Been on a few overseas hunting trips and African safaris and currently shooting a Weatherby 8mmRM, Sako .270, Anschutz .22 Hornet and Anschutz .22 WMR. Always on the lookout for something different and have yet to shoot the elusive CWD but it's on my list. Looking for a Baikal .45-70 S/S double so if you know of any one selling one feel free to get in touch.
Cheers. G.