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Next, and I hope final option to sort on my new .243 once my ticket is back. Can anyone recommend a decent CF moderator.

Ideally I want something that is strippable, not too heavy to upset the balance of the rifle and not too long to add so much length to the rifle making it unwieldy when foxing from a vehicle.

What are peoples preferred choice?




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Wildcat Predator 8

Everyone will have there favs on here, I have 2 Wildcat Predators, one on a .243 and the other on a .308

The bonus on them is that you can change/replace the individual parts on them as they are completley stripable. I have changed the thread componants already, I changed my .308, it came factory threaded with a M18X1 thread, my previous rifle was the 1/2"unf. I phoned up and asked if they had the M18x1 thread, they did, ordered it along with the rear bush that slides over the barrel as my new barrel was 2mm thicker, they bored it out for me at no extra cost.

You could effectively have one moderator with 2-3 different component parts for various rifles with different calibers and barrel threads.

If you have any queeries/problems about the moderator, you can phone the maker direct, no 3rd party required. There is good customer service. Just ask for Andrew....

I like them, but everyone to themselfs, if you can, try fitting a few different moderators to your rifle and see what you like.

Like everything else, it's a personal thing.

Good luck with your choice.


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Hi Jerry,
I've got a wildcat on my .243. Just after buying it I heard a couple of horror stories about other owners getting regular fliers. As all my beasts must be head shot, I was indeed worried. The guy I brought it from promised me a refund if I had any problems, which I have not had! I'm now wondering if the mod was being used as the excuse for poor shooting. Only one animal out of twenty or more has needed a back up shot. (One is too many of course). On later checking I found the rifle was out of zero. Nothing to do with the moderator. I'm sure most mods work well enough, I just liked the build quality on the wildcat.
Good luck, whatever you choose,


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Hi Jerry,

I've PES T12 on my .243 and can't fault it pulled my ground in, reduced the nosie a lot, reduce recoil to so the rifle feel's just a bit heavier than a .22LR and is strippable for cleaning every now and then. Additionally it doens't seam to through rounds when it get's hot. very well made piece of kit.

Although I'm having a ASE JetZ fitted to my .308 Just because it's a little bit smaller.

Good luck there loads to choose from.



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The Wildcat Predator I looked at looked well made, but I thought a bit heavy.

If you are looking for a moderator that has re-moveable baffles so you can tailor to a particular calibre or situation then the new A-Tec CMM (compact modular Moderator) will be on the market very soon, each baffle can be removed individually so you can have any number of baffles from one to how ever many you think you need. Weight 480gms (standard model).

Whether this is better than a Predator I could not say, but before you spend your hard earned they might be worth a look.

Best rgds



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T12 scout all the way, they are heavy as they are stainless bur bomb proof. Dont bother with a coup de gras!! Just unscrew the moddy and use it as a priest!!!! lol

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