Centrefire for fox up to fallow use


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I'm thinking of paring down the small collection of rifles in my cabinet, amongst which I have a Tikka .223, a Remington .22-250, and a Sako 6.5x55. I'm doing more and more rabbit and fox control now, and less deer stalking. All of the stalking is in UK woodland, and mostly fallow.

My plan is to ditch the .22 CFs and in their place buy a .17HMR to use when the .22 rimfires are inappropriate. Therefore I only need one centrefire that will cover me for shooting foxes up to fallow. My argument for keeping the 6.5x55 is that it's mild-mannered, yet offers some serious punch. The argument for replacing it with something like a .243 Win (not an A.I. or PPC - I don't reload) is that the .243 has a laser-like trajectory and I am spoilt for choice on factory ammunition. The 6.5x55 is also a little excessive for regular use on fox.

Should I stick with the 6.5 Swede, or replace it with a .243 (or similar)?


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new rifle

Hi Baldrick,
if you are woodland stalking fallow i would stick with the swede. The foxes will still be as dead.

IN MY OPINION the .243 is a great foxing round but it's use is limitted on deer. if you use one for regular fallow stalking you may find it doesn't kill as well as all the swede. The trjectory of the .243 with 100 gr bullets isn't really that laser like, it is similar to a 308 with a fast 150 gr load or a .30-06 with a moderate 150 gr load. certainly not like a 270 with 130s or 7mm08 with 130s.

I use mine for foxing only now.

however it would run beside your 6.5 for foxing or maybe you might consider the 243 to run on 60-80 gr for foxing and a 7mm for deer use?

all the best with your new rifle



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As a fox-rabbit rig the 223 is perfect with cheap factory ammo. I'd keep it.
The swede is good for the fallow and long range fox.
In most cases the swede will be a bit hefty for fox.
Change the 22-250 for the hmr you wanted.

or if you want to cut back to two rifles it would be the 223 & 6.5



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I have both but, if I was going to have just one it would be the Swede, a real do it all.



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I've opted to ditch the 6.5 Swede and replace it with a .243. I have also put in for a .30-06, which will cover me from fallow to boar, with reds in between. As much as I love my 6.5 Swede, I reckon I will get more use from a flat-shooting .243 on a daily basis. The fact is I do shoot disproportionately more fox/muntjac/roe than I do fallow.

Thanks for the advice though chaps. It's amazing how popular the Swede has become. I remember RFDs looking at me like I was a lunatic when I asked about that calibre may years ago.
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