Certificate Mis-information

Yesterday, I was talking to someone who is keen to get into stalking, has been out with other stalkers many times and is thinking about applying for a Firearms Cert.

He phoned up the BASC for a chat about the fact that he didn't have any stalking rights and how best to get around this.

He told the BASC that he goes out with friends and often will have the rifle whilst accompanied by the rifle owner. The BASC told him this was illegal! Am I missing the point, have the rules changed or did the lady at the BASC not understand what he was saying?

It's always been my understanding that anyone over the age of 18 and not holding a Cert can use a rifle whiilst in the company of the Cert holder. Is this correct?


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Hum.... i'm sure If the person who own the rifle has the sporting rights to the land then then as long as your the person he's lending the rifle to is over 17 then he can use the rifle as long as he is in the owners presence. I'm sure there is a prevision under the Ammendment to the Firearms act of 1988 under Section 16 that caters for this. You might what to check this out though.

Also you don't necessary have to have a stalking right to land to apply for a certificate, just needs an invatation to stalk. Maybe your mates friend need to book in for a days stalking with a professional stalker and get them to write a letter of invertation for him to come back again should help with the application.

In addition I think if he has the sporting writes to some land you may be able to put a letter in to suport his application but again would check this with your local Firearms officer.