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Andrew S

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I recently decided to get a moderator fitted.

Why did I need to a variation to my firearms certificate? No one can tell me. If I had the same moderator fitted to my air rifle I wouldn't have to tell the police and hand over even more money.

No-one can tell answer my question.....! Can anyone out there?


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Any moderator fitted to any firearm above 6ft/lbs pistol or 12ft/lbs rifle requires a variation, Because they say so,

It allows any chief constable to instantly find out who has done any assasinations without leaving his chair,

At least when you have one fitted your ears apreciate it more than you realise, try shooting youre rifle without it on once you have got used to it,

I had one fitted to my steyr scout in 308 and its really tamed it, now the deer dont like it now, cant win em all




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A bullet passes through a moderator and is therefore classed as a weapon in its own right.
Thats why ya need a variation, pain in the ass yes!
You will only be able to buy a mod for a rimfire, as far as i know they are the only ones that interchange readliy with an air rifle, my T8 would look rather silly on a BSA meteor :D

Both my mods on my rimmys will fit my air rifles

But the law is specific and you must ask, like a good boy :cry:
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