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Hi guys I'm new to the forum, I'm in the military and currently based in Hampshire until the 22nd of jan 2015. Then I move up above Dundee Scotland. I'm going to be booking a stalk later in the season up in the highlands.

Im looking at the minute if anyone would mind me tagging along and learning the basic do's and don'ts. I've been hunting vermin since a child and also the odd fox. Any help would be great.



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Hi Danny, I would suggest you contact your local DDM member, details available on the Defence Infrastucture site. There you will be able to accompany a DDM stalker with a view to joining in the long term.
Both Hampshire and in most places in Scotland, will put you in ideal places for some fantastic stalking and in depth learning too.
Good luck.


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I have some fallow, Roe and Muntjac stalking in West Sussex and West Kent. You're welcome to accompany us.
Just p.m for contact details


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Danny, here is some of the criteria for DDM, read in to it on their website mate.


The MOD set the criteria for DDM membership which stipulates that in order to be eligible applicants are required to be Crown Servants in permanent MOD employment. If you are a member of the Regular Armed Services, or MOD Civil Service, with a minimum of 5 years service remaining and you are interested in DDM, please contact the DDM Membership Secretary at the address below:


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Dom I've already contacted the DDM and was given criteria I am in full service but need my dsc1 and my own deer cal rifle, be a member of the bds. Before even being put on the waiting list. :(