Change of address from Yorkshire to Scotland - Am I still covered by FAC?


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I am currently in North Yorkshire and have FAC and SGC with N Yorks Police (valid until 2019). Will be moving to Scotland next month and will need to change address etc. My question is: am I covered by my current FAC while I am waiting for arrival of certificates for Scottish Police Service, or do I have to put weapons into storage until it arrives (I will be out on the hill in July and still have cull commitments for Roe)? N Yorks have a form which says that when I am notifying them of change of address I have to send FAC with it and I am concerned that once I have sent it there may well be a long gap until new certificates arrive. Grateful for your advice/thoughts

Frank Homes

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All you have to do is inform N Yorks Police that you have changed address in writing or by email. There is no point in sending your certificates to them as they will transfer your file to Scotland. All you have to do interim is to comply with condition 4 of your certificates and wait until you are contacted by Police Scotland. It is a simple as that.



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I'm sure N. Yorks will generally say send your certs to them as a matter of course so they can send you out new ones with your new address on. But as they won't be issuing a new one with your new address on, there's no need to send it in really. As Frank says above, just wait for Police Scotland to get in touch.

Haggis Hunter

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Made move from Lancs Police to Police Scotland 4 years ago.

Let Lancs know I was going north and contacted Police Scotland to say I would be arriving. Lancs sent my file north (which had been sent south 20+ years earlier).

Moved cabinet and guns with rest of my kit and Scottish FEO came to visit me shortly afterwards, and, I seem to remember, he took my Lancs certificates away. New Scottish certs arrived a wee while later. All very straight forward.