Change of plan.

Some of you may remember a few months ago, that I announced my intention to to go on and do Level 2 before getting my own rifle; what an interesting discussion that provoked! :lol:

Rather a lot happening very quickly here; have been offered a syndicate rifle on 3000 acres of Forestry Commission ground in Perthshire and another 3000 acres here for free, courtesy of my employer. So FAC application for a .308 going in this week. Now to find the money to pay for rifle etc etc..... :rolleyes:


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Well done you, that's a whole lot of ground to pick up all at once. I shall look forward to reading all about your exploits. It does sound though as if your quarry is going to be your wallet! :D



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I can't believe my eyes! :rolleyes: Shame on you Parabuteo, FAC with no DSC2 :oops:  A brave admision, after you rocked the boat with such vigour on the subject. :evil:  Funny how people change hard held opinions when a bit of stalking comes their way :???: . I would not recomend wearing your coat of two colours, stick to tweed or cammo. Good luck on your new ground, I hope it is productive for you.
Cheers Gents! :D

No option but to get a FAC or lose the lease; as it is 3/4 of an hour away from here it would be daft to turn the offer down. Two weeks ago it was still the original plan and then all this happened. Looks like the plastic will be getting a major bashing! :rolleyes: FAC application went in today, although Central Police told me it will be 6-10 weeks minimum to process the application. Might get the ticket in time for the doe season! ;)