Change of powder for .222


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I meant fast, but I see at the 35-40 range VV lists it, musn't be as fast as I imagined when I look at the max volumes
I dont use anything under 50gr in the .222 as I don't see any advantage and a number of disadvantages so N120 was never on my list of options
​nice group though!
My grandpop used a Remington 722 in 222 REM of 1958 vintage as long as I knew him . He used handloads with 45 grain bullets exclusively . BUT all he shot was groundhogs and hawks . I however did see him shoot one rather large whitetail buck at one hundred steeped off yards . Shot the beastie in the temple and the deer was DRT . By no means would I call that a good deer bullet but it worked for him .

For my own use with a 222 I like the Nosler 40 BT fr groundhogs out to 200 yards . I also like the Nosler 50 BT or Hornady 50 V-Max . In the Rem 700 Varmints I shoot the Berger , Nosler and old Remington Match just on paper to see what I can or cannot do .