Changing Times Part Thirteen


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One day while discussing various topics the Head Keeper mentioned the fact that the estate was having some difficulty in finding a suitably experienced stalker to fill the position
on the estates deer forest some thirty or so miles away that had become vacant.

He said you know a lot of people, would you know anyone who would be interested? Only myself I replied flippantly! Are you serious? No I replied not really while I would love that job I have no real experience of being a stalker.
I had of course shot quite a few roe, I had even had a few days stalking hinds on the hill, but not anything that would equip me to take on a job such as this.

Well if you are really interested ! I would have to clear it with the Laird but if he is agreeable then its OK by me.
A few days later he told me the job was mine if I wanted it, the only thing was that due to my lack of experience it would be on a six months trial, but if I failed my old job would still be there for me to come back to.
Now all I had to do was to convince my wife to up sticks and move, to an area where she knew no one and that was much more remote than what she had been used to.
The task of talking her in to the move was much easier than I thought it would be, in fact she put up no resistance to the move even though in six months we might be reversing the move.
Six weeks later we were on our way.

On arrival I was greeted by a crofter , who was quick to tell me that it would be much different living here, and that I would not last long, I will give you a couple of months!
What had I done! if all the natives were like this it was going to be difficult not so much for me but for my wife and kids.
I was actually to become quite friendly with that crofter , and the locals were in the main civil, they were more wary of outsiders than actually unfriendly.

The Village had a Post Office and a small shop and as is usual with these small communities quite expensive in comparison to larger towns.
These were my first thoughts on arriving , now thirty five years on this is home and I can't imagine I will ever live anywhere else.
One of the first things we decided was that my wife who did not drive would need to learn, as the bus service was poor.
As far as work was concerned , I fell in love with the place as soon as I set foot on it , there was no way I was going back after six months, I was going to make this work come
hell or high water, I was enthralled with everything about it the work, the wild lonely places , even the weather in all its various moods could not dampen my enthusiasm
I had found my niche.
This was how I wanted to live the rest of my life.

More to follow.

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“Ah” the “off the cuff” remark led you to your new life in what sounds like an idyllic lifestyle, wild remote, even for me that would be a dream, finding your vocation and living your dream, how many people can say that, l don’t envy anyone or covet possessions usually but your life sounds very contented.