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Thought it was about time to introduce myself.

60-year old Scot, former soldier (25 years). Now in the defence industry and living near Shrewsbury.

Started shooting 52 years ago when Grandad let me fire his old 12 gauge hammer gun and have never looked back.

I have been a reloader for about 30 years and presently reload for 6.5x55, .303, .577 Snider, .577/450 Martini Henry and for 4 shotgun gauges.

Recently acquired a .17HMR and have a very wide smile on my face when it comes out of the cabinet.

I also shoot air rifles, .22RF, .75 flintlock Long Land Pattern Musket and a few BP handguns.

Haven't killed a deer (or stalked one) for more than 30 years so am taking DSC1 very soon - things may have changed!

That's about it, PM's welcome and drop in for a chat if you're in the area.



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Welcome Buddie.

You have a few post already so I'm sure you more than know what the site is about.

Good luck with your DSC.


Little Terry

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Welcome Charles,

Glad to hear of another fellow Salopian on the site. Good luck with the DSC1. If you're going up to Criggion Estate you'll have a ball.

Terry (Bridgnorth).


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i feel like i know you already :lol:
but shrewsbury ain't to far from me
welcome aboard mate but as you are aboard already , nice to know a little more about you
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