Chargemaster lite static..

jimmy milnes

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Bought a chargemaster lite last year and I do love it but....

I'm finding after use clearing it out of all the unused powder is more of a chew than I'd like due to static in the tube and chamber.

Does anyone have any top tips for getting rid of the static please?
Cheers Jimmy

Farmer Geddon

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Wash out with water & detergent, let it soak for a decent time in sink, use a cotton cloth to clean & dry thoroughly in airing cupboard. Hope it helps. I actually used some of this,

L'Art Du Son Vinyl Record Cleaning Fluid, gets rid of static completely.​

Make sure you don't let it come into contact with nylon.
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Wash in dish soap like Dawn. Then wipe with a dryer sheet. I put a dryer sheet in the top after I add powder, letting the cap hold it in place.
Washing plastic in dish soap to kill static is a trick I was taught by my professional photographer brother. Dust and static cling are enemies in photography and processing.