Charity Draw - AM and PM outing


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PM and AM stalking outing - Charity Draw

Dear fellow stalkers,

In September this year I’m cycling from Brussels to Barcelona, (2,100kms in 13 days of cycling) in aid of Diabetes UK, a condition that affects millions across the globe (including some of my close family and mum).

For SD members I’ve decided to create a fund-raising draw for an evening and morning outing on one of my local patches. There are muntjac and the occasional fallow (some footage from last year below). This will be a Friday or Saturday evening and the following morning. Dates will be limited through Oct – Jan due to there being a local game shoot in the wood – but will be agreed with the winning bidder. Due also to the shoot there will be limited stalking on foot and thus the outings will mostly be conducted from one or two highseats in the wood. There may be a local B&B (I’ve never checked) but I will be sleeping in the wood – just bring a doss bag and I can provide everything else if you wish to camp as well as some scran. Hertford North is the nearest train station and I can collect/drop off there if required.

The way I will work this is:

- Contributions will be taken directly through my charity page:
- Alternatively donations can be posted to me, cheques made payable to Diabetes UK (to arrive with me no later than 6[SUP]th[/SUP] August)
- £5 gets you 1 (one) entry into the draw, you can have as many entries as you wish (so £15 = 3 entries, but £25 = 6 entries)
- When entering please tag your donation with “SD your-user-name
- I (or an impartial 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] party) will make the draw on Friday 9[SUP]th[/SUP] August
- I will post onto this thread the winner’s SD-username and then through PM we can agree a date to work towards
- To set expectations, I'm not claiming to be a professional stalker (although I have my DSC2 portfolio under review with BASC as we speak) and this is all done in good faith/as my guest... not a client/guide relationship… you will be expected to have suitable insurance and I will need to see evidence in advance of the outing
- As always with stalking, safety and respect for the land owner and other tenants is paramount and I will curtail any outing where this is not adhered to.

Good luck - your donations are much appreciated.

PM me with any queries.

Contributions in no way pay for my trip, that I am paying for myself - all contributions go to Diabetes UK (via Virgin).

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Stratts... Looks like you've got a 50:50 chance of winning, which, don't me wrong, I'm a little disappointed about...

Come on guys... could be an absolute bargain and contributing to a great cause!

The fallow are still there...

fallow.jpg muntjacs.jpg


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Cheers Unicorn71... much appreciated. And also to my recent off-line SD bidder too.

Thanks guys.


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Thanks t everyone who has entered/contributed so far.

Just a quick reminder that the closing date for entry in the draw is the 9th Aug. Draw will take place that evening.

Thanks all.



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a very close charity for me too,I've just donated £30,but gift aid have a small amount. fingers crossed.:tiphat:


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Donation made, best of luck.

although just noticed I cannot follow simple instructions and mine is from Oscarsdad SD rather than the other way around!


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Thanks to everyone who has donated so far... we have 14, possibly 15 (cheque pending now received) SD members in the running. There's a little over 24 hours so any final entries make it quick.

I'm off to Norfolk tomorrow so will likely not make the draw until late evening but will post the winner online then.

Best of luck all and thank you again.

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And the winner, picked out of a hoodie hood by my sister-in-law... is...

Willie Gun - I'll be in touch over the weekend by PM.

Thanks to everyone who contributed, I really appreciate your support...
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