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Wanted: Cheap deactivated shotgun

UK Outfitters


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Looking to buy cheap deactivated shotgun for my man cave project. As close to orpington kent as posible.


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I've a Belgian side-by-side that I've stripped for its internal parts as spares (it had a repaired cracked stock) that you could do yourself if you were near to Leicester. Yours for £30 collected. It would of course have to be entered, as it is presently, held on my SGC onto to your SGC.


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Popa ray

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I hope you find what you want. Usually people who pay for weapons to be deactivated do so for sentimental reasons and therefore keep them.


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Interesting, I hadn't twigged that deactivation was such an onerous process. I thought you just removed the firing pin. I have a 100yr old English 12 bore, that has seen a lot of use and is no longer reliable. A few gunsmiths have looked at it and say they have never seen such wear and ask for a fortune to fix it. I guess I'll just keep it as is then. Very sentimental. I have a few other SGs that are heading the same way. With steel shot etc, I've stopped spending money to get them fixed.


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No. SBS break open shotgun is now the 2018 Specification which this below my working notes:


Barrel: Cut a longitudinal slot through the barrel including the chamber of width greater than 1/2 the calibre for smoothbore barrels and twice the length of the chamber.

A tight fitting plug of at least 2/3 length of the chamber is to be securely welded into the chamber and should be positioned as close to the breech as possible.

The barrel must be permanently secured to the firearm by welding, bonding or by using appropriate measures with the equivalent degree of permanence. This can be achieved by welding the barrels to fore-end iron of the assembled gun

Trigger mechanism: Destroy the physical operating link between the trigger blade and the hammer, striker or sear. Fuse the trigger mechanism together with weld within receiver/frame, where applicable. If such fusion of the trigger mechanism is not possible, remove the trigger mechanism and fill the area with weld or epoxy resin.

The trigger mechanism and/or housing has to be welded to the receiver/frame (in case of steel frame) or glued to the receiver/frame with high temperature resistant glue (in case of light metal or polymer frame).

Action: Machine a cone of 60 degrees minimum (apex angle), in order to obtain a base diameter equal to 10 mm at least or the diameter of the breech face.

Remove the firing pin, enlarge the firing pin hole at a minimum diameter of 5 mm and weld the firing pin hole.


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No such thing as a cheap deac
Given the double submission to the proof house and the overly prescriptive process it costs a lot to do them to the latest spec now
now can let you know there is cheap deactivated shotguns around :) been offered side by side with deactivation certificate for 60£ and its 10min from me. collecting it next week and thanks to the member who offered ;)

Edinburgh Rifles

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now can let you know there is cheap deactivated shotguns around :) been offered side by side with deactivation certificate for 60£ and its 10min from me. collecting it next week and thanks to the member who offered ;)
Which Deac certificate?
if its not the latest spec with a current certificate they can't sell it to you.
The double submission to the prood house costs more than the sale price, ask your self why....
You both may have to notify the Home Office about the transfer so its not like you can plead ignorance as you may well be highlighting a potentially illegal transaction in order to comply with the notification laws now in place.

• The new rules do not apply to weapons deactivated before 8 April 2016. However, existing legislation means that in order to transfer a deactivated weapon within the UK or EU it must be deactivated to the latest standard, even if you don’t have to notify the transfer

Notification of transfer or possession of deactivated firearms​

14. The Firearms Regulations 2019 introduce new requirements regarding the possession and transfer of permanently deactivated firearms in accordance with the requirements of Directive (EU) 2017/853.

15. “Deactivated firearm” means a firearm that has been deactivated in accordance with the technical specifications set out in the document published by the Secretary of State under section 8A(5) of the Firearms (Amendment) Act 1988 (controls on defectively deactivated weapons) which apply to that firearm. Firearms which were deactivated prior to 8 April 2016 are not covered by these provisions until such time as they are transferred.

16. For the purposes of regulations 1 to 4 of the Firearms Regulations 2019, “firearm” has the meaning given in relation to England and Wales and Scotland, by section 57(1) of the Firearms Act 1968 (interpretation) and, in relation to Northern Ireland, by Article 2(2) of the Firearms (Northern Ireland) Order 2004 (interpretation).

17. “Transfer” includes sell, give, let on hire for a period of more than 14 days or lend for a period of more than 14 days.

18. To meet the declaration requirements required by the Directive, deactivated firearms have to be notified to the “appropriate national authority” who, in relation to England and Wales and Scotland, is the Secretary of State for the Home Department. See below for details of the information to be sent to the Home Office and contact details for notifying.
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