Cheap knife


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Well I lost my 2nd knife the other day , so no more spending decent money . All I am after now is a cheap knife so not bothered if I lose it .

Any recommendations please ...


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cant really get my head around people who lose knives, maybe their carers should take more responsibility. :D


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yes get half a dozen bushwear knives £4.99 bright orange.
chuck a couple in your roesack.
Craft built knives are too good to loose.
That's a real shame that you lost your knife, happens infrequently and at least once to us all. As some of the others has said, you really cannot go wrong with a Mora, but if you want something different the boker magnum range in 440A is really not that bad for the price


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Orange Mora, stainless good ,carbon v good. Don't go super tight and get bushwear ones, they're crap compared with Mora and definately not worth the few quid saving. (Blade thinnner, doesn't take same edge, blunts quicker handle too small for big hands sheath not as practical).
just thought i would put this option in Böker Magnum Hunting a few of my friends have the [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Böker[/FONT] Magnum Small Game Skinner, they converted to this from mora's for wild animal prep, easy to clean, holds an edge well and bright handle, so will not lose of all £15 and boker life time warranty on knife construction.

A lot for the money, worth looking at


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I have the Boker Elk Hunter and find it doesn't hold an edge very well but looks nice for £18.

I have used a few Mora knives and have now gone onto Hultafors at about 1/2 the price, the smaller blade is excellent in the field and at less than a fiver with a secure plastic sheath you wont cry if it gets lost.



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I have 2 Hultafor Craftsmans and a Boker. The Boker is nice and solid, but as so often with stainless, not brilliant at holding an edge (though better than some). The Hultafor craftsmans are surprisingly good steel for the money and take an edge nicely. I prefer them over the Boker. Either are fine, but the Hultafors definitely don't break the bank if you lose one, and the quality is very good considering the price - I've spent a lot more for worse knives.


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just received a hultafor craftsman today after reading this thread and must say, very impressed for the price