Cheap to run car?


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Running my Defender is proving expensive and i am looking for a car that will take three Chesapeakes and do over 50mpg.... Tuff times!!

paul o'

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find an old larda niva feller not as big but can go places even your defender can't and seem to run on air won't 50mpg and may get over 60mph but it still will get you there


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I know how you feel m8 just hung up my hilux & bought a Peugeot 806/Citroen synergie 7 sweater but can take all seats out individually so loads of room for everything & just got 53.8mpg average on stalking trip to Scotland last week compared to £400+ in my hilux it only cost me £150, easy to drive too.


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Unless you really need a 4x4 (in which case I have no answer), something like a VW Passat estate might be the solution.

I got rid of my Disco and bought a large estate car a few years ago, best decision in a long time....


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Have a look at the Skoda Superb 4x4 Estates RD.
I recently bought an 11 plate and the boot space is fantastic.
My full size dog cage I have in my Hilux also fits in the Skoda when I need to swap cars.
I can fit my 3 dogs (granted one is a whippet..) in no probs and have enough space for some gear too. Its also very economical and the diesel engine pulls well. Highly rcommended


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Running my Defender is proving expensive and i am looking for a car that will take three Chesapeakes and do over 50mpg.... Tuff times!!

Toyota RAV 4 - one dog in the passenger seat, one on each side of the backseat..gun in boot, deer on roof...also bring some tampons, pink clothes and lipstick, and be prepared to be called a hairdresser! LOL


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Pity their old now but a Citreon BX estate would have met your needs. The 19RD hatch bach I had dod 60 mpg on long runs and the BX17 TZD that replaced it after nice builder type torn the side out with is truck whilst doing a "U" turn and wrote it off for me. The TZD did 59 mpg on a run.

The Xantia should do the same sort of milage as they had the same engines.


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The trouble with most estate cars is ground clearance, so if you need to use it anywhere a bit rough, you can bottom it, especially with a pile of CBR's in the back. I used to have a Passat estate and apart from that it was excellent. Maybe an Audi Allroad type thing or similar. The other thing to consider may be a car-derived van. Plenty of room in the back and cheap to run, if you don't need rear seats could be the answer.

Jager SA

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Suzuki 20 TD, I run mine the winter only and it chugs along on Costco finest veg oil, 50lt of veg oil 2 gallon of petrol and she rocks...literally until warm! Lol

Can't beat a Suzuki jeep.


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Old VW golf, passat, BMW 3 series estate in diesel will meet your needs, easy and cheap to run but just make sure belts have been done as they have a tendency to go bang!


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If you don't need 4WD and aren't worried about clearance, Ford Focus will fit the bill perfectly. Been using mine for stalking 2-3 times a month for 2 years, and it's perfect. Had 2 people, 2 dogs and 3 roe carcasses, plus all gear and sundries for a three day trip in it no problem.

Only two issues are clearance on rough farm tracks and having it clean for the other half to drive to work on Monday morning.
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