Checking Out Rifles For Other Posters


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Clueless as I am, about what to look for when buying a rifle.... I've seen a few in Wigan, Okehampton, Fife, East Grinstead and Bristol that interest me.... Is there anyone out there who is local to any of those locations and would be able to check over a Parker Hale .308 for me?

I should add that I won't be in a position to purchase until late Aug/Sep, so there's no rush.

paul o'

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2p worth
have the best one you have seen sent to your local RFD the one you will be use'g from now on ;) request the rfd to give it a look over as to its state ! that way you should be ok and not buy a lemon :doh:, if its a dog then send it back , you prob may incurr a cost but not a big one !! remember there are better rifles for sale than an old ph- unless its mint :thumb:


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just my advise but i wouldn't touch anything in okehampton gun shop with a barge pole. that's if its the one in the arcade and not another. baught a couple shotguns off him and had trouble with both!


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Just like recommending someone for a job. The best way to get egg on your face is to try to help someone. Don't do it!


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Another approach would be to ask an RFD, your RFD, a well recommended RFD to find one for you ; the business approach client to RFD on the basis of instruction can work really well with the right person