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Hi folks, just very quickly, I heard from one of my guys in Namibia this morning - highly ****ed off at the loss overnight of 18 sheep, the result of a huge cheetah - very close to his farmhouse!

He said that he heard some comotion in the sheep pen last night and went out and shouted (in the dark) and his two small pups came running out so he assumed it was them disturbing the sheep, right up until he found the remains of 18 this morning - not happy at all!

So, it's within 300m of his family home and that's a threat to them that will classify this as a problem animal - Nature Conservation have already been advised and the permit will be ready within 48 hours.

It's a 7-day booking folks and it's £2750 plus 15% Namibian VAT - it's advertised on Ebay here and in the US which will be online in about 6 hours so it's a bit of advance notice for you - and btw - as we now support this forum both as advertisers and as genuine enthusiasts, if you can go and shoot this on short notice and pm me via this board - the price for registered Stalking Directory members* will be £2000 plus the vat, and I'll throw in a Springbok and a Warthog free of charge!

*Isn't there always a catch? Well in this case I'll need that PM before you book so I know it's legit, - only fair folks.

Cheers folks



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Quick follow-up, we have now identified where this cheetah is taking his meat, so we've got the area closed off in anticipation - sheep count since last week now 23 and rising but it looks as if we have an American Father and Son that fancy taking it, but they have yet to confirm, so if you're interested, now is the time folks!


BTW - this guy is called 'Wimpy' and the Cheetah in question dwarfs this one!

Like they used to say on the lottery - it could be you!


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