Cheshire FAC - Anyone had one granted recently - how did it take?


Cheshire FAC - Anyone had one granted recently - how long did it take?

All all,

FAC application has been with Cheshire just five weeks, so I'm assuming its very early days; but I'm sure some of you remember waiting the wait?

I'm just wondering if anyone has been granted their FAC recently in Cheshire, or anywhere else to that matter.

How long was the wait?

Cheers for any steers

All the best, Mark
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I've moved over from Derbys to Cheshire but I'm a long time FAC holder. I haven't got enough good things to say about them. They've been brilliant so far with my variations


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After some digging, got some information i thought some might be interested in?

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dont read into that too much. I used exactly the same argument with Lanca***** police when I explained I had already been waiting since April and still no Cert. Apparently it's renewals and variations that hold up. Sooner we can get ten year tickets the better for all concerned.