child friendly muntjac ???

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This afternoon i have been out the back with the family, The kids were running around or on the trampoline screaming their heads off. My spaniel was charging about like an idiot,he seems to forget he's 12 at times.
Suddenly my little girl who's over by the brambles chasing the chickens starts shouting, "Dad I've found something, I think its a baby". She charges back to me & then drags me running back towards the spot. Were about 10 metres away when I see a young muntjac happily feeding in the brambles. It didn't seem bothered that we were there, despite all the noise & movement.It definately knew we were there, in fact it seemed more concerned when we stood still & watched it. After a while it wandered off through the brambles.
Is this normal for young, as I thought these little buggers were right windy & disappear at the slightest disturbance.
My little girl must have originally been only 1-2 metres away from it.


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Shame you couldn't have got it on Video for years to follow....

I am lead to believe that Muntjac are very curious and will come forward to investigate a noise that is unfamiliar to them, was probably more concerned when the "Normal" noise stopped as you say and knew something was up.

Could have been worse, they are also meant to be aggressive little S**TS and when a dog gets close they can defend themselfs effectively with teeth and antlers....Lucky not the case this time...


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A lady in the next street from me contacted me about a problem with a munty buck in her back yard as she knew that i deer stalk she said it came in her yard every afternoon and charges around the garden after her kids when they were out playing she asked if i could shoot it for her well i was unable to do anything as it was on a big housing estate my only advice was to her was contact the RSPCA after a week later i asked how she got on and she told me she had not contacted the RSPCA as the buck never returned .

Also my OH was working at a house in the village and he was standing at the back door with the home owner and the decorator when a munty doe ambled into the back garden not 20 yards away from them they stood there talking and drinking tea while she munched away through a flower bed she then layed down under a bush in full view of them she was fully aware of there presence
we hear quite often of story's of muntys in peoples back gardens in our village being very tolerant to people
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