Childrens camo gear?


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I am looking to kit my son out with a new jacket and trousers for xmas. He is 8 years old, but size 10-11 and still growing fast! I want to get him something warm/waterproof etc, but I'm not looking to spend a fortune(I've already done that on all the other prezzies:doh: and I dont expect them to last him that long). Any pointers???


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I got my lad the ridge line little critters set for next to nothing, its warm but no good for the wet.
I've just last week got him a jack pyke jacket and trousers and very much recommend them for the money.
He previously had a deer hunter wolf set which lasted years.

Monkey Spanker

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Norsveda do some great kids stuff in Mossy Oak. My lad uses it and it is very good gear. There is currently some on Evilbay!;)
Seeland and deerhunter do some good kids stuff too.
It's worth every penny, as just one day of them getting cold and wet could put them off for life!
It always sells on well too.