Chiller humidity research (specifically monobloc units)


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For one reason or another, I’ve had cause to speak to a lot of folk about humidity in chillers including a good few members from here.

The theory all says chillers strip moisture but this is mostly academic and there seems no hard data and manufacturers won’t give a humidity output range (only temp range).

Mine runs too moist (higher than ambient and sits in the high 90s%). And that’s empty - not just after chucking a warm, wet carcass in there. I know others have the same issue and it’s only starting to become more understood with wider use of Bluetooth temp loggers (which also log humidity). I don’t think it’s something that is well recorded or understood.

For reference, I understand 70-75% is the right balance between weight loss and mould growth (which is promoted above 80%).

So I’d be really interested in a) what humidity does your chiller run at and b) whether the internal evaporator fan runs permanently or just on a chilling cycle. I think the two are linked in monobloc chillers!