Wanted: Chinese water deer and muntjac combo

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I`m a norwegian and new to this forum.
Got a recommodation from a guy at another forum to post my question here.

I`m looking for a chinese water deer and muntjac hunt next winter (oct - febr).. Have looked at what the norwegian and european booking agencies can provide, but think their prices are a bit on the stiff side.

Or at least it might be better for me to contact a "outfitter"/hunter directly, since most of the agencies list these species as exotic with a higher than regular trophy fee..
Not looking for a free hunt. I`m willing to pay, but not more than I have to.. :D

Hope someone can help me getting in touch with the right people.. A swap-hunt with private hunters in England might also be an option.

Best regards, Anders


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Hi Anders, the swap option should have you swamped with offers!

Unfortunately I don't have access to either of these species....

Call me if you fancy a fallow stalk!!

I am interested in hunting CWD and Fallow Deer in the UK and can pay for the hunt or offer some exchange hunting in Australia or South Africa.

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