Chinese Water Deer Research


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The CIC, in conjunction with Bristol University, is sponsoring a research project into Chinese Water Deer in the UK. Part of research requires CWD skulls, complete with tusks. We are not looking for medal quality heads, but just a range of skulls, clean or un-skinned, that will help the researcher look at comparative sizes of skull, relating to age.

If anyone on this site could help with providing some heads as part of their normal culling programme over the next few months, could I ask them please to PM me so that we could discuss process and funding? Due acknowledgement of any help will be made in the project report.

Tony DW

norma 308

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How about a voucher against any measuring in return ? a bit of bartering never hurt anyone
regards Norma


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Any ideaa how long they will need the heads for?

I have a mate who has a medal CWD mounted skull but he is reluctant to let it go if there is any chance it might be damaged.



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Thanks for the offer and the interest, but I suspect that a mounted skull would be difficult to deal with and we would not want to run the risk of damaging it. Ideally we are looking for skulls that are either not medal category or are, but have not been mounted and still have their bottom jaws.

Hope this helps,



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I guess that's a no then.

The project is still in being, but on hold pending a better system of obtaining CWD skulls, which were not forthcoming in the numbers needed to provide a proper scientific baseline.
If you need updates in future, please email me directly. I do not, as matter of course and having neither the time nor the inclination, access this website on a regular basis; I am however happy to discuss anything I put on via email.

Hope this helps explain