Hi all,
Last night Andy and I had an evening on the boar with 222cwd and Chinky as our guests. 222cwd and Andy sat in deckchairs in a field :lol: surrounded by the sounds of boar feeding just inside the trees but nothing came out on to the open field and with still too much cover in our bit of wood they had to make do with just the sound of contented boar feeding within a couple of hundred yards all around :D
Chinky and I sat up a high seat overlooking a feeder watching with a very impressive thermal imaging camera. After several hours of watching badgers cleaning up under the feeder suddenly there was a much larger bright white lump at the feeder. Time to swap to the rifle (my lovely plastic Blaser 30.06 ;) ) Chinky placed the 180 grain Nosler b/tip nicely on the slightly angled Boar after a big thump of the bullet striking home the boar disappeared into the bushes.
We sat for a few minutes before getting down and walking to the strike and finding plenty of blood, a quick look with the thermal imaging kit showed the boar just inside the bushes it had ran about 15 yards.

Mark (chinky) with his boar

Still plenty about keep bidding on the M&S :D



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More like blinky not chinky

The time had to come when I took the fishin rod off the knome, I look wilder than the hog did when it took off :evil: Many thanks wayne for a very enjoyable evening. By the way no you cant use the camera on me Chinks :lol:



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Pig Quartet

Hi Andy,
Forgot to thankyou also very much for keepin dunc amused, just tell me what i owe you for playin the pig tapes in the woods he was well chuffed just to hear them, and as for the deckchair thats the closest he's been to the sea in years. :lol:

Many thanks

Mark and Dunc


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To be sure to be sure!!!

Hi Wayne,

No need to show the boys how easy they are to catch you just have to have the right tackle!! :lol:



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Good job Chinky glad to see you got one, so if dunc had a deckchair did you have your toadstool? duncan did tell me that it was a bit weird being able to hear them so close, he'll be getting night vision soon i reckon.


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I would like to thank both of you for a great evening and i had a great time sat in my deck chair.mark never had a deck chair because they dont hold that much wait and you have only got half your tackle so that dont count plus thermal cameras are cheating real men have leicas :lol: . I didnt blank as the fallow the car in for hit on the way home only had a little mark on it and is now in the freezer.


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Hi Wayne,

Yes revenge will be sweet :lol:
As for the fallow the lenghs that 222cwd will go to not to blank. I was a sleep in the truck and reckon he probably slipped off the road round the field chased the deer round the field and out in front of that poor young lad. Told you more luck than Hartleys jam. He is banned from Woburn £2 entry fee and truck full of venison he is known on the gate as road kill.
Good job he only has head mounts as you see the number plate no on its arse!! :lol: All good banter beats gettin depressed, some bastard has just nicked 2 of me feeders on me rides.

Looking forward to return visit



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Wayne, I am so pleased to see how your pig huntings going nowadays.
I remember few yrs ago when I took you out for your first time, we sat and watched and could hear them, smell them but none showed theirselves, you, as a true hunter weren`t worried, just one of those things, we all know the game, sometimes you can get a shot sometimes you can`t.
Then one night we were out, and a small pig ran out from the wood and brushed Waynes foot as it shot off across the field, we both just sat there and had a smoke and chatted, then Wayne turned to me and said......
"I`m going to have to kill one of these Bas****s now, that was just cheeky"
And the rest is history as they say, the monster boar on the next visit.
Does make me so pleased that your getting your rewards and from what I see and hear, your passing the experiences on to others and your enjoying yourself.
Wayne the gent and true sportsman.
Were coming into summer here now, and as I`m driving digger or truck in town, the veiws remind me of the 3 counties show sometimes mate :D
P.S. you did learn something off me, the 30-06 takes some beating
Hi John
I'll never forget that small boar, I very much doubt I'll get that close to a live bugger again ;) We now have some woodland not more than 30 yards from where we were sat that night, maybe I'll bump into him now he's grown a bit :evil:

Keep well mate.