Christmas geetings from Sikamalc


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Finished stalking with clients yesterday and now looking forward to a break over the Christmas period after 15 nights at home since the 22nd September. Thank you to all clients old and new for your support and friendships, I am grateful.

To all site members and your families I wish each and everyone of you a joyous and healthy Christmas and a successful and peaceful new year. I also hope its a successful and memorable stalking year for you all. Thank you for supporting the SD site.

Merry Christmas.


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Cheers Malc.

all the very best to you and the family,

also best wishes to all the mod team and the rest of the directory members.



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Thanks Malc wishing you a very merry Christmas & all the best for the new year


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SM, many thanks to you and the stalwarts of the SD staff, and Iam very grateful to all of the members who have provided their advice and expertise at no cost whatsoever.

My sincere wishes to you and yours for a more peaceful world in 2017

God Save the Queen



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Merry Christmas to you and Sandra! Hope you have a great break and enjoy some well deserved down time, and I'll see you in the new year!

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Happy Xmas Malc, Alex and John..

Pass on my best wishes to Sandra mate I hope you two have a well deserved break and a great Xmas.

Happy Xmas to the SD members..