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Anyone up for a Christmas bash for all members of the sites that attended the March and Shoot, and any other friendly sites

I have sounded it out with a few friends and other members, there seemed to be a general consensus it was a good idea as there are several sites that entered the March and Shoot we met some great folk that we otherwise would never have met.
Maybe if we could have an informal evening somewhere in a central location, and put faces to the names we chat with online, after the success of Quex it seems a shame not to expand on the idea.

I have tentatively suggested Birmingham as it is very central, easy to get to via trains, planes or automobiles.
It has some fab restaurants and some even better Balti houses as Brum is the home of the Balti, there is something about an Indian as it is a sharing type meal so can be a better environment to get everyone at ease.
Or as a larger more rotund beaver chasing individual :lol: has stated there are many country house type places if we wanted to go down the formal route.
Another suggestion was that we could maybe go to Yorkshire and give that Wadas a few more guests at his clay shooting day Muddy and Dunc won, then go to the local pie and pea shop just for Dunc :p

Those who know me by now will be quite aware I do not need much of an excuse and am at my happiest filling my face with a nice bottle of red wine at my side so I am open to any and all suggestions
If you would be interested let me know asap as it isn't that far away now and I will see if I can sort something out.


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Would be cool but not easy for me to get to Brum. Plus could be an expensive night out, by the time I've added flights, hotel, hirecar, etc.


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No mate what I meant was we met lots of folk from different forums and be nice if we could all get together from all the forums not just March and Shoot guys and girls or SD, but a cross forum meet up like the united nations of shooting world all drunk and full of curry what a thought :lol:


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legal wrote like the united nations of shooting world all drunk and full of curry what a thought
what a smell with them ingredients :lol: :lol:


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Sorry Legal, I will not be going. Not to be a kill joy but the thought of a Curry House in Birmingham does not fill me with inspiration :lol: :lol:

Curry yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugggghhhhhhhh :eek:

Beautiful British food my boy, Steak and chips or Fish and Chips, with a mug of tea to wash it down. Ehh Wada's ;)

The middle of Birmingham on a Saturday night, I think I will stick to the Lodge in Scotland.



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Malc Malc Malc :( sadly disapointed not a balti man tut tut tut :eek:

we could always get you some jellied eels and pie and mash in specially ... :lol:

It was just a suggestion, if anyone has something else viable very happy to listen as quite partial to a nice ribeye myself

Maybe I should put a vote up and whichever wins we do?

how do I do that any clues?


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It`s a good idea Rob. The Quex was such a success i think it would be good ;)
From my point of view it would all come down to costs, and when it happened, we also have the little one the think about which could cause a problem, although we could just lock her in the house for the weekend with enough food to see her through :eek: , only joking :lol:

I am partial to a curry myself, but i am not too keen on Ghandis revenge the next morning :eek: :confused: :lol: , and as you know i am happy to have a steak and chips too, obviously with the mandatory cup `o` tea, Malcom :lol:



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Yeh I think it really is worth giving it a good go, even if we just went up to your clay day and had a pie and pea supper as Dunc loves em so mucn :p


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Well I'd do that, although wadas' auction winners might have been looking forward to a peaceful afternoon on the clays.

Might be fun to do anyway, full cost of course.

Want to see something funny, legal? I'm left eyed, right handed, and left footed. You'd think clays were a protected species when I shoot. :oops:


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Lol well you certainly ain't got the on that as Fran is right handed and has left master eye, Wadas will be happy to regail you with her pigeon shooting escapade at Quex trip shoot :lol: .

btw it was Dunc and Muddy who won the clay shoot and their idea a few of us go along and mak a day of it.. :D