Chucked Old Brass Out!


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Finally after 16 years of reloading/annealing these cases, my first hundred .25-06 brass is goosed!
It's served me well & I've enjoyed pretty good consistency of accuracy with it, but recently I took the decision to 'bring on' some new brass and 'wear it in' so that I could make a smooth switch...& so I have!
Twenty at a time. Now I'm two boxes x 20 into the new brass & chucked all the old.
I haven't chucked the boxes though....looking a bit battered now, but still functioning.
Tight or what eh! :rolleyes:

So, I think around 2000 rounds from my records is what that first 100 cases have done and that's really damn good, especially as mostly it's been F/L resized.
Hey ho, Magic!


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Thats impressive, what make of brass? It will be interesting to see how your new brass compares


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Brass is/was Remington & replaced by the same.
Initially I didn't anneal until I got some smoke on the case after firing, that took about ten years until 1st occurrence. Then after the penny dropped & I realised what had happened, I tried annealing.
Bit daunting at first, but got the hang of it pretty quickly & subsequently annealed mostly after three firings, occasionally four.


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That speaks well of both your reloading technique, and Reminigton Brass. I hope the next lot behaves as well as the first.

Did the whole batch make it through to the end?


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Yup, the whole batch bar two that split on resizing, which was when I decided enough was enough.
Time will tell, but I can't see any reason why this next batch wouldn't give lengthy service; he said hopefully :thumb:


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It will be interesting to see how the new batch of Rem Brass performs compared to the 'old stuff'. I would not touch modern Rem Brass with a barge pole after buying a bag of .260 Rem. Necks were dinged, not all, but more than one would expect. I found swarf inside quite a few cases and primer pockets loosened up after 3 loads.
Possible I had a bad batch but bad batches should not occur from a respected Company like Remington. Do they even make their own brass nowadays?