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Why does there seem to be a small number of CIC trophies given out for Roe and Muntjac in the Worcestershire area ?? Is it that the ground is just poor for deer or are the stalkers in this area just not getting them scored ?


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I'm in Herefordshire, we are in a similar situation. We never used to see roe 20 years ago but they have moved in slowly. I've taken silver and bronze on my patches.
We have the pearling in the heads but not the mass. I think it's due to the soil we have. Majority of it is heavy clay. We don't have chalky or flint soil which has a better mineral content. We don't have Limestone either so thats another one.
Muntjac are moving in too. Whether that's from natural migration or from help by the use of ivor Williams. I'm sure we will see the same in their heads too.
Personally I think it's down to the soil we have here.

Bronze, silver , silver


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Have to disagree re clay.
I came up to Herefordshire from Dorset, in particular the Blackmore Vale area. I started stalking in that area in the mid 90’s and spent 20 years there. It has clay in such massive quantities and so deep that you didn’t need concrete for posts.
The quality of the Roe was stupid with many medals up to the mid 00’s and then it began to decline. The main reason was age. There were less and less getting to a decent age to produce the mass.
Why? Simple really, the rise in the amount of stalkers.
Take a look at what happens when most people take on a ‘new’ piece of ground. Often the first thing that happens is they post a pick of a very nice large Roe buck.
So the main reason. Us. We just can’t leave them alone long enough.