Cinema ticket prices!!!


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Hi guys

I like going to the Cinema but prices seem to be getting to the point where it is almost taking the mickey! My nearest Showcase cinema (near Caerphilly) now charges £8 for a standard ticket and over a tenner for a 3D film. Add to that the ridiculous markups charged for food and drink (though I always take my own) and a family night out can be a rather pricey event.

As luck would have it, my local high street (Blackwood) has a new cinema which has recently opened last year. It was the cinema I used as a child before it was turned into a Bingo Hall many years ago.

It was recently purchased by an English company called Picturedrome Cinemas of Bognor Regis and has been converted back into a 4 screen Cinema with a total capacity of 800 seats and at a cost of around £750,000..... The reason for the post is this -

The big surprise is the cost of a cinema ticket...Which is £2.50 mon - fri and £3.50 sat- sun

These prices also include any 3D films and the cinema shows all the current releases.

This level of pricing certainly puts the big cinema companies to shame!
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A colleague went to the Imax in Crawley recently and said it was about £20 a ticket. My mum often goes to her local independent cinema and as yours is it is cheap as chips and shows new releases as well as older classic films too. Much more variety and supports a local business.


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I took the kids recently to the big old cineworld and was astonished how much it cost for 4 of us. Not suprising that the number of people visiting the cinema is on the decrease after a good few years of increasing numbers.


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The cinema used to be affordable now one has to save to go.
Thankfully I go free with work.


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a group of us went to see taken 3 last week,
as I paid for the tickets he asked "all seniors?" er yes, then replayed to myself what he had said, Im not 60 yet, and the wife is 55,
he had taken the money £11 each for the widescreen.


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If you want to see new movies and you have android or iOS then go to HD Cinema - Watch the latest Anime, Movie, TVShow, Cartoon in HD ! and domwnload the app and get the latest movies and TV series for free it will save you a fortune!
These machines are amazing i got one from my partner and its about 4" in size and acts like a very mini computer and mines came with it[SUP] fully loaded.
As for price of going to the pictures it cost me 26quid to watch a 3d film and only parts of it where in 3d and as for the Nachos with loads of cheese...feckin amazing, i ordered more to go at the end of the film. but no change from over £50.[/SUP]

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In my old job I maintained cinema systems so in quiet moments I'd go and have a look at a film for free. The downside was I'd see the film in all the wrong order:).
I had a look at one of the Saw films...bloody awful...literally.
If I heard someone at the ticket office asking for a Saw ticket I couldn't resist having a look to see what they were like.
Takes all sorts.