City link goes under


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That is a shame. Lot of people wondering what the hell happens now ?
Even with that aside they were one of the most reliable at getting to our farm, actually waiting till they found us or we got out of a barn, field, whatever and down to them.
It may just have been the drivers they had on our route when we had things pending. Genuine service has an effect on through put and price sometimes though, if the books don't balance....... it can hurt.


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I feel sorry for the guys who have more than likely lost their jobs. My experience of them has been poor and their customers service likewise. It seems they were poorly managed.


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Apparently there will be no deliveries. You will have to track & trace your item and travel to that depot to collect.
I looked at a franchised liveried van and by the end of the lease the total cost for a Vito van would have been £70,000+VAT.


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Yip, tax time coming and the big Christmas till jam may not have been enough.
With Ebay, Amazon internet deliveries combined with lower diesel prices it looks like City Link has been hanging by a thread for some years. The new kid on the block Yodel should look and learn from this, too many hauliers working for rates just around cost to look like they are busy.
If you travel a part of the M62 that used to be the runway at Burtonwood aerodrome, & look over to one side where the old USAAF buildings stood, Hermes have a ginormous hub shed.City link were lucky to be using little old one man band trading units.


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HDN/Parcelpoint, now run as Yodel by an ex DHL director... Lots of failed deliveries so much so they tried to shut down comments on SMedia.
Was it DHL then, local papers said it was XYZ carriers that were now trading as Yodel, same company, different name.
Just assumed it was another tax evasion scam.


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I know we stopped using yodel due to failed collections time after time.

We did supply city link with straps now and then, most peculiar firm. Always paid but when you delivered the straps they just had the bags chucked on the floor outside the gatehouse. Nobody seemed bothered whether they went walkabout or not !! 250 straps at a time would be a lot to lose !!!
I didn't care, note was signed and that's good enough.