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Looking a bit of info from the old and the bold amongst us..
Has anyone on here shot CSR particularly the rural match
if so what is the break down of the shoots
Ammunition required
Additional should and must have
correct military zeroing procedure for a no4 mk2 with the vernier type sights
recommendations for ammunition loads factory or homeloads
And any other pointers however small

Not my first competition but certainly my first civilian service rifle comp and the first bit or serious use for my old 303 I’m not naive enough to think I can win it just don’t want to embarrass myself

All help no matter how small will be greatly appreciated



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If you go onto the UK Varminting forum, 'Bradders' (Mark Bradley of Bradley Arms) is one of the movers and shakers of CSR including the very popular winter league run at Bisley with monthly fixtures from October or November through to the spring each year.

There are a lot of threads on the forum about CSR too, and lesser amount about 'Practical Rifle' and 'High-Power Service Rifle'.


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It's brilliant fun, don't get too hung up on zeroing if your sights are close it's more a matter of hitting the target.
I use 4x scope in service class, mag rested so far easier than irons with a LE.
There is a range brief on day one and every day afterwards for those that miss the 1st day, read the following:

Short Range Rural Match
Practice 1 Rapid
Distance 300 yards Position Prone
No. of Shots 2 sighting shots & 10 to count
Timing 1 exposure of 60 seconds

Practice 2 300-100 Rundown
Position 300 yards prone, 200 yards sitting, 100 yards standing
Timing 1 exposure of 15 seconds at 300 yards, 2 exposures of 6 seconds at 200 yards, 2 exposures of
6 seconds at 100 yard

Practice 3 Standing
Distance 100 yards
Position Standing followed by kneeling or squatting
Timing 5 double exposures of 3 seconds with 2 seconds between exposures

Practice 4 Sitting, Kneeling or Squatting
Distance 200 yards
Position Sitting, kneeling or squatting
Targets 2x Fig 11
Timing 1 exposure of 40 seconds

Practice 5 Prone
Distance 300 yards
Position Prone
No. of Shots 10 to count
Timing 10 exposures of 3 seconds


Thanks for the information Dan

that set my mind right at ease the way you said it’s great fun
I love those kinda comps where’s its More for the pleasure of it than crushing the man next to you

that decided then I’ll book it today
the military zeroing is for my own benifit can’t stand to have a un zeroed firearm seems almost criminal.

Anyway thanks again
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Any of this going on in Shropshire Remi ? - and are there any similar comps. using rifles other than .303?


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Any of this going on in Shropshire Remi ? - and are there any similar comps. using rifles other than .303?

You don’t have to use .303; CSR can be shot with a wide variety of rifles/calibres/sights. There are 4 classes: Historic, Irons, Practical Optic and Service Optic. It’s not just about sights, though; each class has rules about what can be used (bipods, “service calibres”, etc). 10 shot capacity is, effectively a requirement. There are some comps that require two mags of 5 (or stripper clips for LE) and rarely any capacity mags (The Infantry match springs to mind) but you can get by with basic kit and find out what you need as you go along. There is lots of support (beginners are squadded with experienced shooters) and the NRA run an intro course.

Most comps are Bisley and Diggle. There aren’t many ranges that can accommodate the movement and 25-600yd distances, though there are some occasional ad hoc events scattered around.

It is good shooting and good for your (other) shooting, with a great bunch of fellow shooters.
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Hey Ed
I have shot .308 in the Birmingham bisley in the F open class held at kingsbury last year it was craicing fun some great characters and good shooters,keep your eye out for that.
this is my first foray into CSR I’ve shot my 303 at my West Midlands club on a local range and down in Bisley.
Because I’ve had such fun in the last competition and gonna have a bash at this csr rural match on the 7th July on century range. if you want anymore int PM me.


Thanks wapinschaw
I hadn’t realised they had their own forum for csr
bound to be a gold mine of int in there asked to join so il wait and see what comes of it

Harry mac

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Remi, if the link is followable, that's a 25yd zeroing target specifically for the .303. The target is calibrated for the service MkVII cartridge, but ammo such as S&B 180 FMJ, PPU 174grn FMJ and the Remmington 174grn load should be close enough to MkVII trajectories to follow the sight out to about 300yds, if not a bit further.
If you're handloading, then try to get as close as you can to MkVII velocity with the FMJ bullets offered as components by S&B, PPU or Sierra, and you'll get the same results.
Your first step should be to get a set of sight blades for the No4 so you can set your 200 yd zero. Once you've done that you can drift it left and right to set the windage. When zeroing, set your back sight to 200 and leave it alone. All zeroing is done with the front sight blade.
A load which tends to work well in the .303 is 40-42grn N140 under either a Sierra Match King or PPU 174grn FMJ.
As a guide, 41grns N140 gives me about 2370fps with either the 174grn PPU bullet or the S&B 180grn FMJ. The "book" velocity for MkVII is 2440fps.
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